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Monday, 12 May 2014

Flying Lead on a sunny Sunday

Ok, it’s been four months since my last post, I know that, but when you don’t feel in the mood to paint, when you're out of focus, you simply want to hide yourself from everything that’s hobby related.

At least, that was the deal until yesterday afternoon. The weather was nice (I live in Greece after all), I had a nice cup of coffee in the morning with my SWMBO, and by the end of the morning I had an invitation by the fellow modeler and wargamer Dimitris of the Complete Greek Geek blog, for a WW2 skirmish game – you can imagine my sense of excitement, since I’ve never played anything related to WW2, EVER! And yes, I mostly paint WW2 models – I know, and yes, I don’t feel proud about that. But, that belongs to the past now! First blood was drawn, and boy….it was mine to spare. Well, I guess that should be the ritual for a noobie like me. J


Taken from Dimitris’ blog:

World War II skirmishing, using Flying Lead from Ganesha Games. If you don't know them, visit their site. Andrea is an awesome guy to deal with and his rules are ALWAYS great fun. Flying Lead is a generic skirmish game that can be used for WWII, pulp adventures, cops and robbers, science fiction and probably more types of wargaming.
So, the rules came out, two forces of 600 points each were assembled, the battlefield was laid out, and battle was joined.
 I got the Americans and he got the Germans…
 The Battlefield

 Rules, army list, QR sheet, dice, measuring sticks. Ready to rock and roll.

The Yanks. Heroic sarge, corporal, BAR gunner, 4 privates, 1 veteran in CQB, 1 veteran with hand grenades.

 The Krauts. Heroic unteroffizier, gefreiter, MG-34 gunner and loader, 4 grenadiers, 1 veteran grenadier with rifle grenades.

Ok, the aerial reconnaissance showed no movement or enemy presence in the area. I had to cross the field and occupy the area, waiting for the reinforcements to come, for the big push. That was the plan, that was what my men heard in briefing. ‘’Same shit, different day’’ they thought.

split my force in two. One part (Commander and BAR team) would get cover in one of the derelict houses (great terrain pieces btw), providing suppressing fire to the stone house across the dirt road, where I thought that most of the Jerries would be. The other team (Sergeant and riflemen) would move through the woods and flank the stone house. A reasonable plan you say? Just wait and see….

Movement was done without too much hassle. During my movement phases, the Germans moved behind the stone wall and started loading their weapons – among them was a ‘’sewing – machine’’ a.k.a MG-34. I had to move as quickly as possible.

 The support team occupied the derelict house and the men on the two sides of the dirt road started exchanging bullets, wishes and gifts. Oh wait, I need to clarify things a bit for you. Dimitris was using his weapons very efficiently - grenades, 7.62’ rounds - you name it, were decorating the derelict house with splinters, bricks and fumes…also, to spice things up, the inhouse decoration was consisted of blood spatters on the walls alongside with some broken limbs and materiel of my men – as you might have guessed, my men were pinned by continuous fire and my Commander was out of action, at the very early stages of the game.

 What I gave back in response? Lots of “1”s and “2”s… and then another man (BAR) fell. More “1”s and “2”s….and grenadiers trying to flank my position – and then another man fell. No need to carry on writing the same thing over and over again. You might have guessed the outcome of this mini battle. To make things worse, hand to hand battles between my men and the grenadiers took place, and apart from my inability to get some decent die, my men guns jammed and one of them was killed during the melee.

The other team after a few turnovers – due to my good dice, delayed in reaching the stone house – the outer wall to be exact, near the tree. I managed to throw some grenades and fire some shots, pinning some Jerries down, but the Dice Deity, came to my ‘’rescue’’. More “1”s and “2”s, and the pinned Germans managed to get cover behind the house walls – from which they fired with everything they had against me, with the expected results – more Yankees wounded and out of the action…

 Outcome: One dead, four wounded/ out of action and only three men unscathed by the battle. After that, I started yelling: «είναι κλοπή κύριε Κοτλέμπα»!! – Sorry, I cannot translate this in English, Blogger will ban my blog, if I do so. J
 Dimitri's tactics were clever, his die was decent and my reaction was feeble to the least.I had to call for retreat. It was obvious that I had lost the field against a worthy opponent. Next time Dimitris, next time…Next time I will bring my plucky Brits and restore the Allies reputation. After all, we have to win a war…  
 I must confess though, that I enjoyed the game very much, even though I lost. :-)
Have a good Monday night everyone!


  1. Looks great and I want one of them's periscopes!

  2. Those damn dice gods but a game is a game even with periscopes!

  3. I know what you mean about not being focused, so it's good to see a post from you again, and that you're getting a game in.

    The scenery and models looks great, hope we get to see more!

  4. Nice looking game and some good terrain.

  5. No worries Thanos. I am sure that your Brits will do better next time. Bring your own dice though. Mine don't seem to like you much ;)


  6. Entertaining report. Glad you enjoyed it and glad to see you blogging again. I too am in a bit of a similar spot concerning the hobby but as soon as my family and I get settled in our new home things can get back to normal.

  7. I love the look of the game and more importantly - great to have you back!

  8. Nice to have you back Thanos!!

  9. I think you have given me something for my birthday list. I have Song of Blades and Heroes, and was trying to adapt it for WW2. Didn't realise it already exists.