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Being a modeller for quite a few years now, I decided to explore the endless possibilities that the world (through internet) offers, and come up with a series of ways of building, modelling and painting fast (but not hastily), to create the worlds I was seeing in history books since I was little. . .If you care to join me. . . This is the place to be! And, I promise you to find the way (or ways)!!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Russian Artillery (Part 7)

Good day honoured gentlemen!

It's been some days now, that I am uploading photos of figs, as crews for my artillery guns.
But, what would artillery guns and crews be, without trucks that would carry them through the battlefield??

In one of my previous posts (see here), I was telling you about an order I placed through Frontline Wargaming, for some Russian Gaz trucks. Since my free time is limited, I didn't want to spend many hours for building kits, with many many parts (I'm a lazy bastard you see...). That's why I placed a question in some forums and many kind gentlemen suggested of going to resin pieces!! After a small search, I ended up in Frontline's site, and I placed an order for 6 trucks (4 with open backs and 2 with tilts on them). The prices were very reasonable, and the service was quick and ''to the point''. Tim from Frontline, was very helpful and answered all my questions (since my knowledge in Russian trucks - among other things I'm afraid, is a bit nada)! Thanks Tim! :-)

Last night I finished the first lot of them, four trucks with open back (u.m.r R14 - GAZ AA Truck).
Each truck comes in 5 pieces (main body and four wheels). It takes super glue very easily, and you can build it in 2-3 minutes (after removing some small pieces of flash from the mold)! So, in 15-20 minutes I had build all four of them.  I reckon it's a fair deal, if you think that I'd need almost half an hour to build only one! :-)

The colour I used was VMC 70.894 Russian Green (base colour), some washes (Vallejo's black and sepia wash), some VMC 70.894 Russian Uniform (for the highlights - drybrushing) and some VMC 70.873 US Field Drab and VMC 70.988 Khaki (weathering).

And some 20mm figures for scale reference.

I know that the painting is not of a very high standard, but I think these models would well fit the task of wargaming purposes!

The other two (u.m.r R16 - ZiS-42  Half track lorries) will follow in due course. :-)

I hope you like 'em!

C. & C. are always welcome!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Russian Artillery (Part 6)

Salve my friends!

Yesterday it was a busy busy day for me (in terms of modelling and painting). I finished working on time, so when I got back home, I had two hours free to paint! That's sth worth mentioning, since my free time for painting every day is usually 30 can imagine my joy when I realized how much time I had available for painting! :-)

I finished painting 6 figures and I nearly completed 4 of my 6 Russian Gaz trucks (see previous post).
Below are the photos of the finished figures - photos of the trucks, will follow in due course! Stay tuned! :-)

Colours used:

  1. Flesh:                                                                      VMC 70.804 Beige Red
  2. Coat:                                                                       VMC 70.873 US Field Drab 
  3. Coat Highlight:                                                          VMC 70.874 US Tan Earth
  4. Sacks & Webbing:                                                    VMC 70.821 German Camo Beige
  5. Leather (Belts & Ammo pouches):                              VMC 70.846 Mahogany Brown
  6. Leather Highlights:                                                     VMC 70.818 Red Leather
  7. Gloves:                                                                     VMC 70.925 Russian Uniform
  8. Helmet:                                                                     VMC 70.894 Russian Green
  9. Piping:                                                                      VMC 70.947 Red
  10. Boots:                                                                       VMC 70.950 Black
  11. Boots Highlights:                                                        VMC 70.862 Black Grey


  1. Base colour:                                          Light Grey (emulsion paint)
  2. Base Highlight:                                      White (emulsion paint)
  3. Snow:                                                   Baking Soda (PVA glue needed for the application)

Comments and critics are more than welcome. It's an interactive hobby after all! :-)

I hope you like 'em!


Monday, 26 March 2012

Russian Artillery (Part 5)

Good day and good week guys!

During last weekend, I've been trying to paint many figures for my Allied forces (artillery units), but, as you fellow modelers know, when you're trying to finish one project, another one emerges, and this time some Russian GAZ Trucks, that I ordered the other day from Frontline Wargaming, came with the post (synchronization is sth that I am trying to achieve when painting, so as not to stay with no figures and models left, when I finish every unit I want to make), in order to keep the pace. That doesn't mean I succeed every time I try it, because right now I have to paint almost 35 figures, 6 GAZ trucks and 2 Howitzers (leave aside the 4 105mm US howitzers, I am still waiting to receive from the US)!!!

Even though I had to paint the figs first, I couldn't leave my new models alone in the dark corner of my workshop - what kind of a host would I be after all? That's why I decided to paint the basic colours to these models and I now have to paint the details next, alongside some weathering I need to make as well.
The colours that I used were:

  1. FOW War Spray - Russian Armor SP02 (Primer)
  2. GW Badab Black (Wash)
  3. VMC 70.894 Russian Green (Heavy Drybrush)
  4. VMC 70.924 Russian Uniform (Drybrush for the models' edges and details)
The photos are a bit blurry, but I will make it up to you with photos of the finished models (when I manage to paint them....)!

Have a great day!


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Russian Artillery (Part 4)

Hi mates,

I managed to finish three more figures last night. I had to use some flash to take some decent photos. 
That makes us twelve out of fifty two figures that I bought recently. Not so bad, if you consider that during weekdays I have lees than an hour spare to paint. :-)

I hope you like 'em!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Russian Artillery (Part 3)

Good day guys!

Plenty of things to do yesterday (work, cleaning the house a bit, wash some clothes, ironing - yes, I do it on my own, no cheeky laughs if you please), but, I managed to finish the bases of my painted figs and to paint three more (bases unpainted yet, but you get an idea of the way I'm working...).

These are for my Winter - Snow artillery section group.

I hope you like them!