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Being a modeller for quite a few years now, I decided to explore the endless possibilities that the world (through internet) offers, and come up with a series of ways of building, modelling and painting fast (but not hastily), to create the worlds I was seeing in history books since I was little. . .If you care to join me. . . This is the place to be! And, I promise you to find the way (or ways)!!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

HaT Set 8260 WWI German Field Wagon - Round 2

Hi everyone!

Last November I posted some pictures of a small wooden wagon, made by HAT (#8260 WWI German Field Wagon). 

This time I am going to show you the second component of this kit (each kit contains 3 models), in the same - if not more broken - manner. As a small terrain piece that can be used in many ways.

I hope you like it.
Have a good Wednesday night everyone!


  1. I can see that being fairly useful on a table top. Very nice.

  2. What a great idea and beautifully done Thanos.

  3. Thats a nice looking stand there Thanos.

    Good skills mate!

  4. Looks fantastic! And i still love how you paint that wood!


  5. Great piece of scenery, I'll definitly do that too!

  6. Excellent work, these pieces really add character to the board. And they could probably pass for most other periods too!