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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Penny Diameter -‏ for a mold.

Good afternoon L&D!

Hope you are all well. 

During these days, I've been reading the Fighting Wessex Wyvers book, written by Patrick Delaforce. What I noticed (among other things and aspects of course) is that, soldiers whilst fighting and refighting their days through Normandy and other battlefields, they were constantly digging foxholes for their protection. Since this was the 'staple' element of an occupied position, I came up with the idea of making some foxholes for my little men, and perhaps making some molds for multiple copies both for me and for you in case you are interested in buying some.

Since I want to make things right and not amending them afterwards (I am a rather tempered person - it must derive from my origin), I thought that I should ask you about your country's currency penny/cent diameter. If this seems odd to you, wait till you get some terrain pieces, and your figures don't fit it... It's not very nice, trust me. Nowadays, every penny counts, and we should consider every aspect that might arise to a problem for us. ;-)

As you all know, I live in Greece, where, for the time being at least, we are still in the Euro currency. I know about the diameter of 1cent (15 mm) and 2cent pieces (18 mm). 

Could you please help me about your country's pennies? England's, Australia's, US, South Africa's and any other country's I may have missed??

Thank you in advance - you are the best! :-)

Have a great Thursday night everyone!



  1. A US penny is 19.05 mm or 0.750 inches in diameter.

  2. I'm leaving in France... so € cents too!
    Foxholes? good idea I suppose... but I prefer "Hobbit-holes"!ah ah!

  3. If the US penny will fit for your needs, I will send you pennies Thanos!

  4. Fran dug deep, I think he pulled a UK penny from his shoe, its 2cm in diameter.

  5. We Australians did away with our 1 & 2 cent pieces a few years back...