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Being a modeller for quite a few years now, I decided to explore the endless possibilities that the world (through internet) offers, and come up with a series of ways of building, modelling and painting fast (but not hastily), to create the worlds I was seeing in history books since I was little. . .If you care to join me. . . This is the place to be! And, I promise you to find the way (or ways)!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

And the Liebster award goes to...

me and my blog!

A new post just the next day after my previous one. That's odd enough for me, but, oddly enough as well two good fellows Leif (figurfanatikern), and Jack (plasticgeneral) have nominate my blog to theirs, to get the Liebster award. I feel very lucky that they visit my blog, and it seems that they like it also.

From what I've seen, and in order to make this thing continue, I have to nominate five blogs that I like (and have less than 200 followers). You may see that the ones I'm going to talk about may have more followers than 200, but, I like their work so much, I couldn't left them out. Yet, as my blog was mentioned in the two blogs above, I feel that I have to nominate ten and three more, so as to get it right! :-)

So here goes (in no particular order - please excuse me for that, it's been a very busy day for me today):

1.  Anne, my sweet Irish from Anne's Attic. She is new to our nut house, but, from her work you can't tell. She has proven to be so good at modelling and painting, that I feel we are soon going to learn many things from her work. Inspiring. :-)

2. Andreas (aka Dr. Mork) from Morksminis. One of my first followers and one of the guys I really missed during his absence from the blogsphere in the past. He is a painting machine, and he paints the figs by the dozens. A real gentleman. :-)

3. Alan from Another Slippery slope. A great guy who is 'infected' with the WW2 bug, and paints his models in a wonderful and unique way. I've learned a lot from him. He knows how to take photos. :-)

4. Fran - aka The Angry Lurker. Who doesn't know this one of a kind Irish fellow? He and Ray, who I will present you shortly afterwards, are making me smile each time I read their posts, and help me learn all sorts of stuff about our hobby. Fran, knows how to write and paint. Invaluable gifts that he knows how to use them. A small gem in this nut house! :-)

5. Paul from Plastic Warriors. One of the guys that I value for his sense of humor and his ability to post on his blog, on a daily basis. I wonder how he does that. I call him Dr. Frankenstein from time to time, for his one of a kind ability to resurrect old models and make them stand as new and shiny. I can't do that, and I am very glad that I found Paul, and I am constantly learning from him and his work. :-)

6. Al from 20th Century wargames. One of my first blog followers, and one of the guys that first mentioned my blog in the blogsphere. I cannot forget about that. He's helped me a lot expand my work in the blogsphere. He is interested in painting models and figures for the WW1 period and early WW2. His collection is very big and covers a wide range of figures and models. A great fellow from down under as Paul. :-)

7. Michael from 28mm Victorian warfare. A real gentleman he is, and he paints soooo nicely. Every time he posts his work, I cannot stop looking at the figs and the level of paint work on them. Simply impecable! :-)

8. Jay from Jay's Miniatures Enterprise. Jay who is also a writer, at least in my eyes, has a unique style and choice of work that gets out of the norm for us mere cynics and history junkies. He has invented stories with the help of some amazing and unique models (he makes wonderful conversions also). A multi talented person he is! :-)

9. Eastern Funker's 'Panzerfaust (aka Me). A fellow from Australia who does some excellent work for WW2 Eastern front. He is collecting, painting, modelling and playing and he manages to have his life also. I am wondering how he does that. I like his work very much and I feel that I must start some Eastern Front projects myself. :-)

10. And last but not least, John from Jacksarge's Wargames Ramblings. What can I say about this guy? I stole his idea for my plucky WW2 Brits (43rd Wessex Division) and I am learning a lot from his work. I follow his work and try to reach him in his modelling and painting abilities. Great work, honestly. :-)

11. Greg from Greg's Wargaming blog. He follows my blog from the beginning, and he helps me with his nice words and insight to get a grip about this hobby. He produces some excellent work, both in figures and terrain pieces, and he comes from South Africa. And he visits my blog. For this reason only, I consider him a friend! :-)

12. Ray from Don't throw a 1 blog. The alter ego (or vice versa) of Fran the Angry Lurker. He paints some really nice models, mainly from 17th and 18th centuries periods. I have learned a lot of history from him and I follow his work as a junkie. I hope he doesn't beat me, since I called him the alter ego of Fran. I like them both. :-)

13. Peter from Peter's Cave. A fellow from Belgium who produces some really cool work. I especially like his dioramas which are full of life and historical features. He knows his work and you can tell by simply looking at them. Truly inspiring work. :-)

And that's about all....I would really like to add some more, but I am afraid I'd had to write all night - that's how many blogs I like. :-)

Have a great Tuesday night everyone! :-)



  1. Thanos you did get it wrong. Fran is My alter ego as I'm older than him (he loves reminding me!)
    Cheers for the kind word and thanks for the link back!

  2. Congrats my friend, I'm a rough diamond, Ray is a punishment for a previous life!

  3. Very many congratulations Thanos, richly deserved and thank you so very much for the very kind words and nomination.

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words dear Thanos. I'm crying a wee bit, but only because it's touched my heart.

  5. Thanks mate, that's four nominations I've had in about as many days- this thing is really "going viral".
    I really appreciate your kind words Thanos :)

  6. Thanks, Thanos. This a real honor to receive this expression of your interest in this old guys off the wall ways. I do appreciate your work also, and your challenge to me to "set my sights higher and then to go for it."

  7. Congratulations Thanos and thank you for mine!

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  9. How unpolite of me for not responding on this post earlier! So sorry my friend! Thank you for the kind words about me and my blog, and for the nomination!

    And congrats for your own nomination!