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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Painting Tutorial - German in winter uniform

Good day guys!

First of all I would like to thank you all, for visiting my blog. I feel very privileged to be in contact with people like you, with who I share the same interests.
These past couple of days, I've been painting some Germans in winter clothing (aka white) for an Ardennes game I might play one day (I have to build all the terrain pieces as well, so you get to imagine how long this would take....). :-)

Before I do that, I thought I should post a tutorial of how I paint figs in winter clothing to show you how easy it is in reality.

So, there we go - get prepared for a big post full of photos!

Step 1.

Glue the figure on a coin.

 Step 2.
Apply some wall puty on the base.

Step 3.
Apply some PVA glue and common sand (I got it from a beach last summer).

Step 4.
After gluing the fig on a a base (coca cola cap), spray it with a white Primer (AP White Primer).

 Step 5.
When that is dry, apply some Vallejo's wash (73202 Pale wash). This wash is simply terrific. Its consistency is quite about right, and when applied it goes into the recesses and makes the folds as realistic as the clothes we wear.

Step 6.
Leave the wash to dry, and after that use Vallejo's MC (70.820 Offwhite). Simply drybrush the paint on the figure so as to make the clothes' recesses visible.

Step 7.
Continue, by using some VMC 70.820 Offwhite, with a fine brush and paint the extreme folds of the uniform. This way you will complete the ''white'' contrast.

Step 8.
Use some Vallejo's MC (70.995 German Grey) for painting the weapon (Stg.44), the gas mask canteen and the flask's lid.

Step 9.
Use some Vallejo's MC (70.873 US Field Drab) to paint the flask and the shovel's handle.

Step 10.
After that use some Vallejo's MC (70.992 Neutral Grey) to paint the gloves and the balaclava. Be careful when doing this and dont paint grey over white, or you'll spend additional time in repainting white over the uniform.

Step 11.
Use some Vallejo's MC (70.804 Beige Red) for the face (flesh colour).

Step 12.
Use some Vallejo's MC (70.880 Khaki Grey) for the canteen strap and the gaiters.

Step 13.
Use some black colour (any black would do, as long as it isn't gloss) and paint the ammo pouches, the straps the spade case and the boots.

Step 14.
Use some Vallejo's MC (70.862 Black Grey) to highlight the black parts (boots, straps, spade case and ammo pouches) & (70.863 Gunmetal) to paint and highlight the weapon and the spade.

Step 15.
Use some GW Washes (Badab black and Devlan Mud), and apply some: Badab black on the grey balaclava, gloves, weapon and gas mask canteen, and some Devlan Mud on the face, the gaiters, and the flask.

Step 16.
Apply some baking soda on the base (with some PVA glue). That's about it really - easy wasn't it???

I hope you found it easy (after all I don't consider my self a good painter). From start to finish (with the photo taking) it took me about an hour to paint it. Not too bad I reckon..... :-)

Good luck guys - if you need to ask anything please do not hesitate to ask.




  1. Wonderful! That Vallejo Pale Wash is going on my shopping list right away.
    Next step: do you have any clever ideas for making the snow suit look worn and dirtied? I paint Finns for the Winter War, where the soldiers have spent a month in the same trench under constant fire.

    1. Thank you Thomas!
      I would apply some black or brown wash directly on the soda. I think it would make a stain on it, and make it look dirty. Try this out and send me a photo! :)

  2. Excellent post. Very well explained and good photos too. The Vallejo Pale Wash is going on my shopping list too.

  3. Thanks for this nice tutorial!

    The result is great !


  4. Thanks T this was a very detailed tutorial, great work!!

  5. Excellent tutorial. Thanks for posting.

  6. Great tutorial.
    What coin are you using to base the minis?

    1. Thank you Rob!
      I usually use 1,2 and 5 cents coins.

  7. You've done a good job there, excellent work and a well explained tutorial....

  8. Excellent tutorial Thanos! You make it look so easy; will definately be adding a couple of new colours to my shopping list as a result.

    1. Thanks Michael!
      The Vallejo wash is really good!

  9. Excellent tutorial and painting. Some minor comments;

    If the figure has the MP40 or MP44 ammo pouches, use Khaki (or a similar colour) for them as well, since they were canvas and not leather. It's hard to tell what this figures has though.

    If you are doing early battle of the bulge, there hadn't been any snow yet. Of course it snows later during the battle so the snow suits are not out either, but I would paint some of the figures with reversed suits showing camoflague, or even mix them on some of the figures so they have white trousers and camoflagued jacket, or vice versa.

    1. Thank you Laffe!
      Thank you for your comments. The fig seems to have wrong ammo pouches (leather ones for rifles), but your suggestion of painting it in a canvas colour may seem more practical!
      As about the camouflage colours, I am too lazy (and lack of time) to start painting it.... I don't exclude it for the future, but for now...only white! :)

  10. Great post, I didn't know about the Vallejo wash! Can I get rid of the GW inks then??? Huraaahh!!!

    1. Yes, my great general!
      Thank you for your kind words!

  11. Good post, very handy. i was talking to a bloke down my wargames club about German uniforms and how given the choice we would go for winter over that lovely spring camo look anyday.

  12. A good tuturial and a nice blog!
    Thanks a lot and cheers Darkbirk

  13. Excellent tutorial. I put myself some of those Vallejo washes on my shopping list to.


  14. Good post T.

    Your secrets are out now!

    Well done.

    Regards Paul

    1. I don't have secrets from my friends! :-)
      Knowledge should be spread after all.
      Thank you Paul!

  15. An excellent post, thanks for sharing your technique!!!!

  16. Guess I missed this post...
    The figure looks great! If I ever get to paint some Winter-Germans, I'll come back here :)
    Cheers, Mojo

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  27. Cheers for this tutorial! I'm just about to start painting up some 'winter grenadiers', so the tip about the pale wash will be a life-saver!