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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A church . . .

Dear all,

Your help please!! :-)

I am interested in putting a church in my Normandy town, and while I was searching the web, I came across this magnificent model made by Faller (HO scale).

It's dimensions are: 240 x 129 x 340 mm.

I know that the scale is smaller than 20mm, but I thought that since it is a big and tall model, the difference will not be visible to the eye (it will need a serious painting job to fit the other buildings though).

It will be a sole building based on a small hill, therefore I think that it won't be 'easy' to compare it with my other terrain pieces.

Do you think that it can cope well with the other buildings?

I am only asking you because it is a rather expensive model to acquire (45 euro), and since I am a simple employee of the private sector, I don't want to waste my money on something that can't be used in the end of the day!!

I am sure you can feel my agony! :-)

Thank you in advance!



  1. T,

    Have you had a look at the Italeri Church? My opinion it might be a better option and it's scale is a bit smaller than the older Italeri buildings.


  2. I know that model Greg, but it is more a ''mediterranean'' type of church, like the ones we have here in Greece and in Italy.

    It is a great model, but I don't think it suits the case (at least for me).
    Thank you for your advice though.
    I may end up in buying this if I receive many ''no - no's''!! :-)


  3. I would suggest that this Faller model could (with just a little work, be used with larger scale miniatures.

    I would suggest that you raise the whole church by 3mm - use thick plastic card, build the groundwork up to the existing brickwork and then make the main door larger and the steps wider.

    The ornate windows should be OK without any major modification, but you may have to 'play with' the tower to help with proportions.

    Keep us up-dated with the progress - I for one will be interested in how it works out.

    Good luck


  4. Go on, do it Thanos !

    It's like when you see a nice-looking girl in a bar, and you want to go and say "hi" but you don't and then she goes and you say to yourself, "damn !, why did I miss that chance" :-)

    Same with the church, if you don't get it you'll always think "if only......"




  5. I'd still go with the Italeri building myself. Probably not as French as this one (although to be honest I have no idea of the local architecture) but it has an interior to fortify and is at least 15 euros cheaper. And the right scale too.


  6. Well I don't think it would go wrong. still I prefer the Italery church.

  7. It's your gaming table...if you think it'll work, then buy it and try it. If you then change your mind, stick it on Ebay and try to recoup some money.

  8. Go for it!

    The biggest problems with using H0 scale buildings with 20mm figures are the height of doors and windows. Now this is a big church with large windows and a big churchdoor, so it should scale well. In 20mm it will become a slightly smaller village church instead of the larger city church depicted. And if it doesn't work, convert it or chuck it on fleabay. As others have said; the Italeri one is more mediterranean.