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Being a modeller for quite a few years now, I decided to explore the endless possibilities that the world (through internet) offers, and come up with a series of ways of building, modelling and painting fast (but not hastily), to create the worlds I was seeing in history books since I was little. . .If you care to join me. . . This is the place to be! And, I promise you to find the way (or ways)!!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

W.I.P - Boxes and drums

Recently, I bought some terrain accessories from Early War Miniatures (ex. Skytrex). These were: Ammo crates and Oil drums.

I wanted to make some street barricades that could be used as complementary items to my existing terrain pieces. combined with my sandbags and wooden barriers.

Apart from the above mentioned material I used some plastic boxes and barells alongside with some Milliput White putty for making some sandbags.

Below you see the W.I.P results, after modelling and gluing. They were a pain to make in terms of time per model, but the result was very pleasing. With an amount of 6 Euro (4 GBP), I managed to make 6 pieces and have many pieces left, that I could use in other projects. A fair deal dare I say.

Last, but not least is the aspect that these things are fully customized and ‘’tailored’’ in my own personal style. Commercially, there aren’t many options available, apart from Gamecraft miniatures Piles - O - Stuff, which are very nice and not at all expensive. But, if you live in Greece, you can’t place an order for a mere 5 Euro and the consequent postal costs. So, I had to come up with a different option - I opted the idea of making some of my own - I have to keep the brain’s cells active as much as possible - hehehe!

Painting post would be next.

I hope you like them.

Have a good Thursday night everyone.


  1. Replies
    1. ... and do you think that they could be efficient against Orcs, Trolls and such damned guys ?

    2. Looking allright there, mate.

    3. Looking allright there, mate.

  2. Don't paint them, send them to me and I'll make molds of them and make you lots of them :)

  3. They are looking good.
    I hope there's nothing flammable in those drums, I wouldn't want to take cover behind a fuel drum ;)

  4. Very nice and very interesting pieces! About the order limits, I know exactly what do you mean. I face the same problems!

  5. They look nice and also very useable for a whole range of different settings!

    Kind regards

  6. very nice set ups. they look very good.

  7. They look really effective, well done Thanos.