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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Broadside 2012 Show

Good day guys!

As you most people who visit my blog know, I live in Athens, Greece. I have lived in England as well, but that's a different story, not related to this post.... :-)

 While visiting other peoples' blogs, I stepped onto this one from Fran (aka The Angry Lurker, great blog by the way), who is mentioning his participation in an show called 'Broadside', alongside his friends, on June 10th.

This show hasn't got the promotion it needed (from our hobby related magazines), even though advertising space has been bought from them...If you visit one of the organisers' blog (Anything but a one), you'll see what occured.

Even though, I won't be able to attend this show (for obvious reasons), I thought that I could at least help by mentioning it to my blog, so you other Englishmen (and others interested) fellows, learn about it, and support it with thy(!!) presence.

I suggest you do the same! After all, as we say here in Greece 'one hand washes the other, and both of them wash the face'.

Go on guys, spread the word!!!! :-)




  1. I remember those two boys having a good time at this event last year. If I could go I certainly would and its lovely of you to be helping spread the word.