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Being a modeller for quite a few years now, I decided to explore the endless possibilities that the world (through internet) offers, and come up with a series of ways of building, modelling and painting fast (but not hastily), to create the worlds I was seeing in history books since I was little. . .If you care to join me. . . This is the place to be! And, I promise you to find the way (or ways)!!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

W.I.P -S & S Models Lamp Posts

Good day everyone!
Some days ago, I bought some Lamp Posts (metal) from Sands Models, a company which is located in UK and produces dozens of nice things for our hobby.
The level of service was great - the whole order, preparation, dispatch, receive thing was done in a week!Mr. Shaun Matthews ( ), is a great professional (I don't get any commission for saying that, don't get me wrong here)! :-) 
The Lamp Posts are full of details and they surely look the part (as my friend Paul from NZ likes to say)!
As you can see from the photos, I based them on coins, and after that I primed them black (no photos unfortunately - you can always let your imagination run wild!!!).

I'll post the photos of the painted models, as soon as I finish them (50 Lamp Posts are quite enough....).
So stay tuned!



  1. Hey Thanos!
    Where did you get the info about what's available?
    The website tells me that theres only a tiny bit shown of what they have...


  2. They look really nice. Will look very nice on the table too.

  3. Very handy pieces of kit! I'll check out their site.

  4. Those are wonderful. I might have to check out that company. I looked for something similar here in the US, but everything here is for model railroads (too big or too small).

  5. Great work with the modelling and the camera!

  6. Thank you all for your support!
    @Mojo: When you email Shaun, just refer to the Lamp Posts he made for Thanos (me apparently), from Athens, member of the Guild forum. He will then understand - I hope!If not, email me, and I will get in touch with him.

  7. Hi Thanos, what will you do with 50 lamp posts?

  8. Wow, 50 lamp posts? Isn't that a bit excessive?