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Monday, 18 April 2011

Zvezda's German 105mm Howitzer with crew - W.I.P.

Good day and good week everyone!

Last weekend I bought from my local hobby store the new 105mm German Howitzers from Zvezda.

Each kit contains 1 gun with two soldiers (crew). The gun can be used either in ''fire'' mode / deployed, or in ''movement'' mode. The model can be made very easily (no glue required) and the figures are very nice and realistic (even though, a couple of more would be very handy)! Benno's forum has some photos of the kit, as it comes out the box (not assembled).
It's a simple wargames' piece, so I would like to inform rivet counters that this piece of broadcast is not for you! ;-)
I now have to buy 4 Pegasus German Trucks, to use them as trailers, and some additional figures for the guns' crews.

So, stay tuned for the photos of the whole bunch!



  1. Looks like a nice kit, looking forward to seeing it painted up.

  2. Could do with some of them, nice looking artillery pieces.

  3. Hi Thanos
    They look good, are they soft or hard plastic? thanks for the picts.

  4. Hi Thanos
    Revells crew are good, or Pegasus mortar crew could be converted.

  5. I've been searching for thoses kits but I'm not able to find them in european online shops!

    They look splendid just as the german AA gun, they also released.

    What's the price for a single gun and crew?


  6. You are lucky Thanos! This kit is not for sale in Italy. On 19 May I will be in Saint-Petersburg and I hope to be able to buy it. I bought the game "Art of Tactic" and I can say that it is very attractive. Thanks for these pics

    Carlo Antonio

  7. Look forward to seeing these completed soon T

  8. Thanks everyone!
    I now ran out of my Army painter's Dip, so I'll have to wait a bit for finishing them!
    @Dan: They are soft plastic kits and they take glue very easily.
    @TheBelgian: My local store was selling them for 3.20euro/kit = 2.80GBP/kit
    @Carlo Antonio: visit my local's store (Athens, GR) web shop. I reckon they will dispatch products outside GR.

  9. How many guns?????I think I will have to to get me one tommorrow!

    Cheers Rich.