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Being a modeller for quite a few years now, I decided to explore the endless possibilities that the world (through internet) offers, and come up with a series of ways of building, modelling and painting fast (but not hastily), to create the worlds I was seeing in history books since I was little. . .If you care to join me. . . This is the place to be! And, I promise you to find the way (or ways)!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

USMC Soldiers

Hi everyone!

Today I decided to upload some pics of some Marines from the Pacific to match my Japanese infantry!
They are the American Infantry from Imex - Korean War(I know that they are not 100% historically accurate, but I liked their fatigues - I thought they would suit for the Pacific theatre).

They all come in one pose, but believe me, I have many more on the workbench to show you in the future!

Hope you like 'em!



  1. Nice Job

    I may buy a packet of these on the back of your pictures and recommendations :)

    Out of interest do you base paint, dip/ink wash then highlight?

  2. These figs dont have any highlighting.
    However, the steps you need to follow are the following:
    1. Basic colours painting
    2. Highlight (how much is up to you)
    3. Dip in the Army Painter's Dark Tone Dip (The ''Dip'' is very glossy when applied - it won't be easy to highlight after the dip is applied on the fig).
    4. Use the Army Painters Anti Shine Varnish and you are done!

    Hope this helps you!


  3. T. I use mostly Tamiya water based paint. Can I use the Army Painter dips with these?


  4. Hi Al!

    Of course you can use the Army Painters' Dip with Tamiya acrylics! In fact, you can use it with any kind of acrylic paint!

    Simply basecoat, make a highlight(if you want) and then dip them!!!