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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Now, where all these stains come from...?

Good day everyone!

Thanks for the feedback yesterday guys! It really helps me keep the tempo and paint much more than I used to do some months ago.
I received a couple of questions yesterday, regarding the shading effect I achieve on my figs, and today I took a couple of photos of the products I am using. 
The product I am using is called Aquaxyl and it is a water based wood preservative. It comes in many shades, and the ones I am using is one ''Dark Brown - ΚΑΦΕ (in Greek)'' and one ''Black - ΜΑΥΡΟ (in Greek)''. I bought it from a local DIY Store called ''Praktiker'' (a reference for the fellow Greeks). Each can consists 750ml and it costs around 11 euro. It WILL....last ages, as it doesn't dries in the can as the ARMY PAINTERS Dips do after a couple of months. Leave aside the fact that it is MUCH cheaper! (We live in gloomy times here in Greece, don't forget about that...) :-)
You apply it with the same way you do with the ARMY PAINTERS' Dip (either by using a brush or by dipping the figure in the can and then remove the excesses).

The best aspect of this product is that it dries out really quickly, so you don't have to wait 24-48 hours before spraying the AP Anti Shine Varnish (it can be used with terrific results)!
So instead of dedicating an hour per figure, use a Water Based wood Preservative (the brushes don't wear out)!!!!
Life is too short.... ;-)


1. ''Black - ΜΑΥΡΟ (in Greek)''

2. ''Dark Brown - ΚΑΦΕ (in Greek)''

Good day lads!!!!!!



  1. Thank for Sharing. We´ve got "Praktiker" in the neighbouhood, perhabs I can find something similar there.

  2. Nice cheap shading and inking option.

  3. 11 euros! Thats the whole budget for the Greek Government isn't it!!! LOL

    I should try this. Thats for the info.

    Regards Paul

  4. Another way to do this (and get custom shades) is to use Future/Pronto/Kleer or a simple polyurethane varnish with artists inks. This has the added advantage of being able to get ochre, red, green, blue shades just as easily as brown and black. Just add (using a dipper) some ink to your Pronto/Future/Kleer of choice, test the saturation on some fig or vehicle that is past its prime and use on your figs. Works wonders I tell you, and polyurethane varnish make makes minis almost child-proof.


  5. I thank you from the bottom of my are my hero of the ..the month. I´ve been banging on about AP being woodstain for ages..all they do is thin it and re-package it at massive mark up in price!!! They even say on their video..when claening your brushes do so as if you have used creosote...what is creosote..woodstain!!!!! :-D
    Many thanks
    Ps...I might do one about GW´s basing sand coming from the local builders, Vajello coming from one factory that makes childrens paint, GW new liquid green stuff being woodglue with a clourant in it...apart from 1000 other things we all can buy in bulk form a local DIY store

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